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Russell 639500 Speed Bleeder Bag

Russell 639500 Speed Bleeder Bag Russell 639500 Speed Bleeder Bag Russell 639500 Speed Bleeder Bag
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One person system takes the work out of brake bleeding! Revolutionary double-patented Russell Speed Bleeder replaces the original bleeder valve in your caliper/wheel cylinder with a spring-loaded one-way ball and check valve design. The uniqueness of the stainless steel check ball is that it opens to allow the old fluid and air out, then closes automatically between pumps preventing the old fluid and air from re-entering the line. It's a real time saver. Bleeding your brake or clutch line has never been easier or simpler!

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4 out of 5 stars Nice to have

Reviewer: KEVIN RINGER  Own this product - Yes
From Colorado
Worked well. What would you expect, it's a bag with and a hose. The only thing is the markings on the bag come off onto your hands.
5 out of 5 stars Excellent product
Reviewer: Daniel Santa Cruz  Own this product - Yes
From New York
Most innovative product around. Saves time and does not spill any fluids on the floor. This is especially helpful when you are bleeding the brakes alone. It's also reusable!!!
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