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KC Hilites Back-Up Lights

KC Hilites Back-Up Lights
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KC Lights are designed to supplement your vehicles high beam headlights. Their candlepower, which is approximately twice that of your headlights, coupled with their beam patterns, produces a light pattern that reaches further than high beam headlights and gives added width to help see things that are near the roadway such as children or animals. The use of auxiliary driving lights greatly reduces the risk of animal strikes which are frequent in rural areas. Installation is quick and easy with a KC pre-terminated wiring harness (included in pair packs). The harness includes a heavy duty relay along with an illuminated switch and is ready to plug into the lights leaving a professionally installed, factory appearance. 26 Series Lights (2x6-Inch Rectangular), 35 Series Lights (3x5-Inch Rectangular), 50 Series Lights (5-Inch Round), 57 Series Lights (5x7-Inch Rectangular), 60 Series Lights (6-Inch Round), 69 Series Lights (6x9-Inch Rectangular), Backup Flood Lights (2x6-Inch Rectangular), Daylighters (6-Inch Round), Harley & Rally Hid Lights, Hid Lights, Slimlites (6-Inch Round).
KC Backup Lights illuminate a larger area than standard O.E. backup lights, with brighter output for safer backing. The Flood Lens pattern throws a great amount of light right where it's needed.