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Granatelli Big G Diesel Module

Granatelli is a name that is synonymous with speed and performance. The Granatelli family has set 300 land speed records, and owner JR Granatelli holds the record for the fastest modular Mustang and is world famous for his Mass Air Flow Sensors. Granatelli brings these expertises into the diesel world with the Big G power module. The Big G offers two levels of performance, for towing or for all out performance. In performance mode, the Big G raises your power and torque to 140 HP (at the rear wheels) and 250 foot pounds, safely and reliably, without raising your EGTs to dangerous levels. Moreover, the Big G makes it easy to switch modes via a toggle switch. Housed in a durable and attractive black, hard anodized enclousure, the Granatelli Big G is also easy to install, and does not require a t-tap or hooking up to the fuel pump or any cutting or wiring.

With the Big G In-Cab Monitor, you can view over 20 different gauge displays, including turbo boost pressure, water temperature, air inlet temperature, engine RPM, MPH, horsepower and torque, voltage, and barometric pressure. Moreover, should EGTs creep up too close to dangerous levels, the Big G will automatically defuel. The Granatelli Big G can also display and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes. And with an easy-to-use, one button display, you'll never have to take your eyes off the road to operate the Big G.

Includes windshield mounting kit or gauge pod adapter.

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